About our leadership team

The National Fire Heritage Center (NFHC) is operated and managed by Executive Officers, a Board of Directors, Trustees, and various key personnel.

Day-to-day operation of the NFHC is overseen by our Executive Director and Archivist.

Vacant, Executive Director
Frank Schmersal, Archivist

Information about the NFHC: Contact us

Media inquiries: Christopher L. Baker, Director/Public Information Officer, 209-277-9268 (cell)

Executive Officers

William D. Killen, President
Rodney A. Slaughter, Vice President for Finance
Willie G. Shelton, Jr., Vice President for Operations
Stuart M. Nathan, Secretary
Paul D. Brooks, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Stephen P. Austin
Christopher L. Baker
Michael E. Cox, Jr.
Ty Dickerson
Steven Hansen
Ignatius Kapalcyzski
Christopher E. Marrion
Thomas Shand
Ronald J. Siarnicki
Lynn White
Mike Wieder


Samuel O. Goldwater, Chair
Robert C. Andrews
Donald N. Briggs
Mike Dixon
Thomas L. Herman
W. Curt Weldon
Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr.

Immediate Past President

Ronny J. Coleman