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Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders

Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders

The concept for the Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders (HLLL) was presented to the National Fire Heritage Center board of directors by then vice-president Bill Killen to be the "Hall of Fame" for the fire services in 2009. Following several discussions and a couple of conference calls, the board adopted the concept and established the Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders (HLLL). The intent and purpose of the HLLL are to provide individual recognition of significant contributions and distinguished service to the Fire and Emergency Services and Fire Protection disciplines and be known/recognized in the national and or international fire service arena.

The program was initiated in 2010 when the National Fire Heritage Center inducted ten recognized fire and emergency services icons that included Ben Franklin, John Damrell, Patrick Raymond, Charles Holloway, Charles Miles, Sveinn Eiriksson, Frank Brannigan, Peter Ganci, James Page and Howie McClennan.

Class 2010

Ben Franklin
Chief Engineer Charles E. Miles
James O. Page, JD
Chief Engineer John S. Damrell
Chief Sveinn Eiriksson
William Howie McClennan
Chief Engineer Patrick H. Raymond
Francis L. "Frank" Brannigan
Chief Engineer Charles T. Holloway
Chief Peter J. Ganci, Jr.

Class 2011

Hal Bruno, Jr.
Arthur J. Glatfelter
Jay W. Stevens
Dr. John L. Bryan
Dr. Harry E. Hickey
Congressman Curt Weldon
Chief Dennis R. Compton
Chief John W. Hoglund
Orville James Emory
Chief Ralph J. Scott

Class 2012/2013

Raymond J."R.J." Douglas
Howard Boyd
Chief Lloyd Layman
Governor J. Millard Tawes
Chief Warren E. Isman
Philip J. DiNenno
Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth
James C. "Robbie" Robertson

Class 2014

Chief Alan V. Brunacini
John Eversole
Bill Randleman
Chief Lawrence Woltz
Percy Bugbee
Chief David Gratz
Horatio Bond
Louis J. Amabili
Commissioner Anthony J. Mullaney

Class 2015 

Chief James Braidwood
Chief Richard P. Sylvia
Keith Royer
Harold G. Thompson
Chief Haraldur Stefansson
R. Brady Williamson
Commissioner Ira H. Striejewske

  Class 2016

Chief Harvey J. Eisner
Chief Fire Marshal James M. Manser
Chief Frederick R. "Bob" Seibel III

Class 2017 

Chief Steven T. Edwards
Harold Mace
Chief Jack K. McElfish

Class 2018

Chief Ronny Jack Coleman
David E. Hedrick
Mary K. Marchone
Thomas A. Wright
William Darley
Clarence Jungwirth
Commissioner John T. O'Hagan
Dennis Davis
Mathew Kelleher
Russell Sanders
Chief Tom Forster
John Livingston, Jr.
Dwight Williams

Class 2019

Chief Luther L. Fincher, Jr.
Chief Julian H. Taliaferro
Chief Theodore Jarboe
David White
Gregory Noll
Commissioner Robert Quinn

Class 2020

Dr. Harry R. Carter
Chief Joseph Mark Starnes
James JD Dalton
Lee R. Starrick, Sr.
Dr. Christopher M. Frasier
Paul F. Hannemann

Class 2021

Anthony C. Apfelbeck
Dr. Burton Clark
Dr. Paul O. Davis
Rhoda Mae Kerr
Ernst Piercy
Warren Whitley
Donald P. Bliss
Jim Crawford
Jim Estepp
John Leahy
Charles Rule
Ricky Brockman
Dr. I. David Daniels
Michael Hildebrand
Garrett A. Morgan
Bruce Varner
David Casey
Larry Davis
Dr. Carl Holmes
Don Oliver
Charles Werner

Class 2022 

Robert C. Andrews, Jr
Randy R. Bruegman
Roger A. McGary
Ronald J. Siarnicki
Meri-K Appy
Dr. Kelvin J. Cochran
Patricia T. Mieszala, RN
Stephen P. Austin
Harry E. Diezel
Donald B. Moltrup
Robert J. Brady, Sr.
William D. Killen
Pamela A. Powell
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