All - for those interested in seeing that historically important written aspects of prevention and prevention advocacy don't get lost, the attached annual report from the nation's fire-related archive effort is likely to be of interest. Based in Emmitsburg, a short distance from the NFA/USFA-NETC, the National Fire Heritage Center (NFHC) is focused on preserving the written word related to America's fire services and fire protection disciplines.

The NFHC's use of PastPerfect Software, the industry standard for archival work, is quickly evolving to the point where online access to thousands of print items from history will soon be possible. The men and women from across the nation that serve as directors and trustees continue to create awareness of the activity and are grateful to many actively involved in CRR and Vision 20/20 initiatives who have graciously donated materials in the past for inclusion in the NFHC Collection. - Wayne Powell

File Name: National Fire Heritage Center: Annual Report 2020
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