Waldbaum's Supermarket Fire (August 2, 1978) Waldbaum's Supermarket Fire (August 2, 1978)

Six firemen fell to their deaths as the blazing roof of a Brooklyn supermarket collapsed yesterday morning. It was the worst accident involving the city's firefighters in a dozen years.

As the roof suddenly erupted in a burst of flames, dropping men into the center of the fire, a handful of other firemen —members of the first ladder companies to reach the blaze — scrambled to the wall at the edge of the roof and held on until they were rescued. "All of a sudden there was a terrible burst of flame," said Leonard Stone, a retired jeweler who lives across the street. "They all went down just like they were infants. It was a shame to see those fellows blown into the air, and then they just fell into the fire." 

Kifner, J. (1978, August 3). SIX FIREMEN KILLED AS ROOF COLLAPSES AT BROOKLYN BLAZE. The New York Times, Section B, Page 17. 

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