The National Fire Heritage Center recently received two very generous donations of storage equipment and historic texts.

Flat files

The NFHC was pleased to receive four flat files donated by Jay Livingston of Livingston Fire Protection. The files are ideal for preserving large old-time photos, drawings, posters and even smalls (stored in acid-free containers).

The NFHC's Archivist, Frank Schmersal, built and painted bases for the units and they are now ready to use. Jay's company was one of several that worked tirelessly to install full sprinkler protection throughout the NFHC's facility.

The four flat files donated by Jay Livingston.

Historic fire texts

Retired Hobart, Indiana, Fire Marshal / Assistant Chief Jim Jaracz donated three containers of historic fire texts. The books cover the technical aspects of prevention, inspection and code administration going back many years. Several of the texts are quite rare.

Jim Jaracz, left, discusses one of the donated text books with Frank Schmersal.

Over the past five years, Jim has graciously made a number of important materials donations to the NFHC's collection. Additionally, Jim brings his National Fire Academy classes in for evening visits, which always draw universal appreciation by students from around the country.

How to contribute items to our collection

We're always looking for items to add to our collection! If you have equipment or an item that you believe documents the history of "fire in America" and are interested in donating it to the NFHC, please contact us and our archivist will be in touch.