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Who's Who in Fire Protection

Who's Who in Fire Protection

The National Fire Heritage Center's Who's Who in Fire Protection is the de facto list of people who are making a difference every day in the North American Fire Protection disciplines. This includes Combat Firefighters and Officers, as well as people in Fire Prevention, Fire Protection Engineering, Fire Training, Fire Equipment and Fire Truck Manufacturing/Sales, Wildland Fire, Military Fire, Industrial Fire, Fire Researchers, ARFF, Regulators and Standards Writers, Authors, Emergency Managers, Dispatchers, EMS Responders, and anyone else in the broadest sense of fire protection.

Why the National Fire Heritage Center? The NFHC are the official historians of fire protection. Today's best examples of people in fire protection are the people that researchers in the future will be interested in. Those people who are making a difference at the Local, State, Regional, and Federal levels are essential to capture not only for the future but also for these people to become visible for their peers to know about various subjects. These are the "go-to" people in fire protection.

Being listed in the Who's Who in Fire Protection is not only important from a historical standpoint, it's your opportunity to showcase yourself or your team. The certificate is not only suitable for framing, but it is also a good thing to have in your file or on your resume.

How does it work? People in Fire Protection are self-identified and submit their information and photo to the NFHC through the easy to fill out form. If you are not able to complete the form in one sitting, you can come back to it later. Once submitted, your application is reviewed, and if approved, your information will appear on the Who's Who in Fire Protection Website. Once accepted, you can send a press release to your local media. You will also receive via email a frameable certificate stating that you have been selected for this year's cadre of Who's Who in Fire Protection inductees.

Take this opportunity now to be listed with this year's inductees.

Visit the website below to begin the process for your listing: 

2020 Who's Who in Fire Protection Inductees

De'Anjelo J.L. Bradley
Mark Lamplugh
Jack Mcelfish
Gregory Noll
Ernst Piercy
Harry Tagen
Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders
Assistant Fire Chief Frederick R. "Bob" Seibel III

Your support will help with historical review of past practices and research for new approaches to save lives and reduce fire losses in the future.

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