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Fire Chief Harvey Eisner: A Major Driving Force in the American Fire Service

Harvey Eisner, a long time Editor of Firehouse Magazine, provided a view of the fire service through a camera lens that the public doesn't often get to see. He grew up as a boy in awe of the many fire stations and apparatus of the FDNY. This article is a glimpse of Harvey J. Eisner, the silent giant in the fire service that captured the American Fi...

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Dr. John L. Bryan: Pioneer and Professor in Fire Protection Engineering

Cover Photo: Names Left to right: John Crisman, Charles Wright, Dr. John L. Bryan, and William L. Miles, Department of Fire Protection Engineering - University of Maryland. Dr. John L. Bryan is considered a pioneer and his countless contributions to the fire service and fire protection engineering are well known throughout the United States and aro...

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Fire Chief Alan V. Brunacini: American Fire Service Pioneer

Chief Alan V. Brunacini is one of the most highly respected figures in the fire and emergency services. He was born in Jamestown, NY, on April 18, 1937, to John N. and Mary T. Brunacini. The Brunacini family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the early '40s, where Alan attended school and graduated in 1955 from Highland High School. With some amb...

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Harold Mace: Emeritus Director of Fire Protection Publications and Fire Service Training

Mr. Mace was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 23, 1939. He was raised on a farm in what is now the general area of the I-35/I-44 highway interchange in north Oklahoma City. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education from Central State University, now known as the University of Central Oklahoma. Upon graduating from college, he ...

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Fire Chief Ronny J. Coleman: American Fire Service Pioneer

Cover Photo: Christopher Baker, Member of the Board of Directors, Public Information Officer (Left) and Immediate Past President Fire Chief Ronny J. Coleman (Right) at the 2018 National Fire Heritage Center Annual Meeting in Emmitsburg, MD. Ronny J. Coleman is a retired Fire Chief, California State Fire Marshal, and Deputy Director o...

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The History of Benjamin Franklin: Founder of The Union Fire Company

Cover Photo: Eric Okdeh  Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by John Bigelow  This fire company was formed Dec. 7, 1736.  It was designed primarily for the security of property of its members, though they did not limit their usefulness to their own members when their property was not in danger.  The Union Fire Company was in...

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