Press Release: Executive Director Dick DeVore

Fire Chief (Ret.) DeVore began his tenure with the NFHC in April of 2020, serving as the Chief Archivist for the organization’s expanding collection. In this role, DeVore initiated the steps toward digitization of the collection and made it more readily accessible for fire historians, educators, and researchers. This process was initiated through the acquisition of PastPerfect software and the addition of various scanning devices. Executive Director DeVore began his tenure with the NFHC following a 35-year career in public safety, including serving 20 years as a volunteer Fire Chief and working in emergency communications and emergency management. He has completed extensive training and education in emergency services, including national certification as a Fire Officer IV and serving previously as an advanced life support provider. Chief DeVore is a third-generation firefighter following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and presently has two children serving in the first responder community. His background in emergency services, accompanied by a love of history, paved the path for Chief DeVore to author several local history books, including five specifically related to the fire service. “Preserving history is the only safeguard against repeating past mistakes. Every day history is lost to the natural process of decay and time. Every day we have an opportunity to preserve history for future generations. The opportunity with the NFHC has allowed me to combine my two passions, fire service and history, into a focused mission of preserving history.” – Executive Director Dick DeVore The National Fire Heritage Center currently provides volunteer opportunities for individuals seeking to help preserve the history of the fire services and fire protection disciplines.

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